Welcome to Maguire Store
Fresh, fast and friendly. It’s our promise.

Maguire Store is a typical neighborhood store that tries to respond to the needs of its surrounding community. But give us a chance to serve you and maybe you’ll see that we try hard to exceed your expectations by a country mile. In our down-home, friendly service, our attention to cleanliness, and our surprisingly wide variety of fresh, fairly-priced product, we want the chance to earn your business.

We stock all those things you’d expect to find in a small store, and that’s where we really shine. Need syrup? We’ve got 15 varieties. Dog food? About 35 brands and sizes. Ten kinds of catsup, 40 of breakfast cereals, 6 brands of bath tissue, 30 kinds of motor oil. Feed for that show calf, pet rabbit or pleasure horse? Six boxcars full. Fresh-baked pastries, fireplace wood, fresh fruits and veggies. Sniffles? Over 60 varieties of pills for colds, headaches and allergies. Twenty-six kinds of cold cuts and cheeses, sliced when you order it. Hand-dipped ice cream, take-out hamburgers, pizza from scratch, and the biggest, freshest sandwiches you’ll ever stuff into your mouth.

Our little store has been down on the corner 110 years. Never been closed, so say the old timers. But what’s important to us is the level of service we deliver to you today, next month, and in the years to come. Our motto is “Fresh, fast and friendly. It’s our promise.” Give us a chance to be YOUR store. You’ll find that we try hard to keep our promises.